Experience Rock Jumping in the Balearic​ Islands, Spain

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Saint Luis, Menorca

Standing on the edge of a 15ft rock while looking down into crystal clear waters truly is enough to take anyone’s breath away. Combine this with the fear of knowing that in a few seconds you will be throwing your self off this rock to join the fish you can so clearly see in the transparent, Mediterranean sea, and that is exactly the feeling I felt before engaging in my first rock jumping experience.

The fall its self-lasted only a few seconds but the feeling and the adrenaline will linger with me for years to come. Once in the water, I began to explore a world I had not yet visited, an underwater utopia. Through the yellow haze of my goggles, I could see fish swimming between rocks and coral acting as if I wasn’t present. As the height of the rocks I was jumping from increased, so did my confidence in the water, diving deeper and exploring further than I previously would have dared to venture. A small cave within the rocks offered a form of relief as its own sandy shore presented a place of rest. Joined by a French family, we remained speechless at natures beauty and grandeur.

The experience as a whole opened my eyes to the beauty of the sea and gave me a newfound appreciation for places so close to home which I as a European citizen often take for granted. I am eager to make more memories similar to this during my next holiday to the neighbouring Balearic Island, Majorca.

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